Monday Morning Linkage

Rebecca Reynolds On Loneliness:  A Letter to my Children (h/t Hippie Housewife)

Loneliness forces us into the presence of the soundless symphony of the Divine, so that we might learn to hear the songs of a distant land. It stretches us larger so that we might have more room for a God the world has painted far too small. It shows us an ache the size of the heavens, an ache that was given to be filled

Love That Max:  Screw the special needs haters-let’s teach people well

I don’t have a Gandhi thing going on; the patience and goodwill aren’t always there. At times, I get ticked off by the stares and it takes a lot of self-restraint not to snap “What’s your problem?!” But over the years, I’ve learned that I’ll ultimately do more good for Max if I can get past my defensiveness and help people better understand his needs—and the wonderful kid he is. One person at a time, I’m making a difference. One person at a time, you’re making a difference. All of us together, we’re making a difference.

CBC News asks:  Is raising a child easier financially than ever before?

Abnormaldiversity on what disabled pets can teach us

There is a social concept of disability. The idea that certain abilities are skills you are supposed to have, skills you are somehow entitled to have, is the essence of this concept. And the lack of any of these skills puts you into a social category we call ‘disabled’ – a category of people who are supposed to be inferior and unhappy.

This one is from a year ago, but it’s an interesting read:  John Elder Robison’s thoughts on how the DSM-V changes in autism will affect people

Also from John Elder Robison:  Are we combating autism or embracing it; doing both or doing neither?

In my opinion, its time for a fundamental shift in our priorities.  We need to learn more about how autism affects us at all ages, and move away from the current child-centric model of study.  We know intuitively that adults have a very different set of challenges than children.  We have looked long at hard about childhood issues in autism.  Adult problems are largely unexplored.  That’s got to change.

And from the random fascinating news files: scientists have discovered a new exoplanet with a surface of boiling lava and an 8 hour year

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