Taking a Break

I’m not really in a good headspace right now. 

Now that I’ve got a husband and kids, I am making it my goal to get aggressive about protecting my mental health, so I’ve decided to do an internet fast and see if that helps.  I started the blog with the intention of having fun and processing my feelings and hopefully helping others, but now my perfectionism is coming to the fore and now it’s all obsessing over trying to Be Somebody in the online world because I feel invisible in the real one and prove to everyone I’m not totally useless for staying home and raising my kids even though it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done and I totally don’t get why it’s considered unimportant. 

I’ll check back in within the next week, either with a new post or to put the blog on hold for awhile.  If I choose the latter, I’ll still keep up with your blogs, because you guys are awesomesauce.   

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One Response to Taking a Break

  1. autisticook says:

    You are awesomesauce too! You’re not invisible but I understand what you mean and I wish you all the best in figuring things out and getting to a good space where you can take care of yourself FIRST. Because priorities are a thing, you know? And sometimes we seem to think that being selfish is a bad priority. It’s NOT. It’s necessary. Take care. Literally.

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