This is Autism

This post is part of the This is Autism” flash blog.  Be sure to check out some of the amazing submissions there. 

UPDATE:  Looks like I was a bit too late with this one to submit it, which is what happens when you wait to write it until the kids are in bed on the day of the flash blog.  But do check it out.  Powerful stuff.

I am:

A wife.  A mother.  Unwaveringly loyal.  Giver of hundreds of hugs and kisses.  Anxious in crowds.  A history buff, a Tolkien fanatic, a lover of maps and globes.  Not good at organizing despite my professed love of cleanliness and order.   Deeply empathic.  Prone to losing things.  Not concerned with status symbols.  Constantly asking “why?”  Often gazing upwards at the sky, or the light filtering through the trees, or the birds.  Euphoric from the smell of lilacs, fresh laundry, garlic and onions cooking on the stove, my baby’s hair.  Too overwhelmed when speaking to make eye contact.  A good listener.  Often laughing.  Trying to get better at talking about my emotions.  Happiest when spending time with family.  Constantly self-censoring so that I don’t offend or say the wrong thing.  Calmed by motion.  Compelled to learn new things. Here for a purpose.  Autistic.

This is me.  This is autism.

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3 Responses to This is Autism

  1. Lyds says:

    I’m like this too… Thank you for posting

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