10 Things You Can Totally Say to an Aspie Parent

So there’s this thing going around the internet where people post a list of things that you’re not supposed to say to a a certain person or group of people, like parents of multiples and short people (no, I would not like a kids’ menu, and yes, I’m quite sure I’m old enough to peruse the adult section of this bookstore, thank you).  And I might do one of those in the future.  But that’s a lot of stuff to remember not to say.  So in the intersts of making things easier, I thought I’d do my own list of things you can totally say to an aspie parent (or at least to me).

1.  You’re taking your kids to the museum again?  They’re going to learn so much cool stuff!  As if musuems aren’t already the greatest places on earth, they’re fun for kids too.  Win.

2.  You spent hours and hours researching (car seats, child psychology, baby carriers, etc.)?  You’re pretty thorough.  Thank you.  Now if you have a few hours, I’d like to talk to you about cloth diapers.

3.  Are you starting with Episode IV or Episode I?  There’s only one answer to that question.

4.  Original or special edition?  This one is a bit trickier. We might just go with the original, but whatever we go with, you can be sure we’ll be watching the original ending of Return of the Jedi to shield him from the horrors of George Lucas’s revisions.

5.  Have a cookie.  Thank you, don’t mind if I do.

6.  I bet your toddler loves having a predictable routine.  He sure does, especially since said routine involves streaking across the house to the William Tell Overture.

7.  You often follow safety guidelines to the letter?  That’s so…safe.  It sure is.  And always remember, always take your baby out of his sling before you place him near an open flame.


8.  You can have a disability and still be a good parent. I agree.

9.  Your kids will probably be more accepting of people who are different.  I hope so.

10. I’ve got your back.  Thank you.  Back at ya.

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11 Responses to 10 Things You Can Totally Say to an Aspie Parent

  1. autisticook says:

    I like #10 especially! 😀

  2. ischemgeek says:

    Re: #1: I love museums. As a kid, my family got season passes to the local one because I wanted to go so much (by the way, did you know that some museums sell season passes?). They eventually just let me go on their own because they didn’t want to hear about Exhibit #whatever the eleventybillionth time.

    • Aspermama says:

      Ooh, a season pass to a museum would be a dream come true. I am considering a season pass to our local science museum because we go there so often. Someday I’d like to see all the major ones in North America-the Smithsonian, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Field Museum.

      • ischemgeek says:

        I’d love to do that. I’ve already seen one of the major ones – on a school trip, and it infuriated me that we only got three hours at the museum but a full day at the mall. I thought this was supposed to be an educational trip, not a shopping trip!

        (also, it was where I decided that when I can afford it, I intend to buy a chain mail shirt and wear it. It’s heavy, but the weight of it is very soothing).

  3. suburp says:

    Lol, I like this. It’s true there are a LOT of “Do /Do not say” lists out there…
    I always feel that they are replaceable by “just don’t be a …(insert explicit of your choice)” but this one is very good 🙂

  4. stimmyabby says:

    I love it, especially numbers two, five, and seven. The “always take your baby out of his sling before you place him near an open flame” made me laugh. 🙂

  5. I like this list! People have asked me before for what not to say to someone with ADHD or Aspergers. Basicaily my answer would be to just be respectful and think before you talk, as you should do for anyone else! If your tone is somehow accusing the person of not being good enough, or if your question is really personal and invasive,you should probably keep it to yourself. Everything else is Game On!

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