Point, Counterpoint, Actual Point: I am an Introvert

This entry is part of the Point, Counterpoint, Actual Point collaborative blog series put together by Nattily at Notes on Crazy.  Do check it out. 

Point:  I am an introvert. 

Counterpoint:  I need to open up more and stop being so inhibited.  I need to be entertaining and witty and the life of the party or people won’t want to spend time with me.  Thoughtful conversations are boring.  If I’m not a team player I’ll never survive in the workplace, and anyway it is arrogant to want to work alone.  People will take it as snobbery.  I really need to get out more and fit more activities into my schedule.  I am anti-social and dull to spend so much time alone.  Everyone should be an extrovert. 

Actual Point:  By choosing my words carefully, I protect myself and those around me; people trust me.  By taking the time to think before I speak, I have more interesting or insightful things to say.  Witty banter is fun but people also appreciate a bit of depth , and introverts and extroverts can complement each other this way and make the conversation more dynamic.  Some people work more efficiently in a team, but some people work more efficiently by themselves, and good employers recognize this.  Many great inventors, artists, and writers worked alone and yet contributed hugely to humanity.  If I try to do too many things at once I’ll end up doing all of them poorly, but if I take the time I need to recharge I can excel at the things I do.  Needing time alone doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy spending time with others-I love every minute spent with my family-and I am often using that time alone to think, reflect, create, and expand my knowledge of the universe.  Introverts provide balance to extroverts; the world needs both.

Conclusion I am an introvert, and that’s ok.    

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8 Responses to Point, Counterpoint, Actual Point: I am an Introvert

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  2. Certainly okay to be an introvert! Introverts never hurt anyone! Well, some introverts might have hurt someone, but probably not just by the act of being introverted. Be yourself… that is the important thing!

  3. notesoncrazy says:

    Love this! I also love that there seems to be a movement online to be more accepting of introverts and more receptive to their (our!) needs. 🙂

    Any chance you’d be ok with me adding this to the official collection? I would copy and paste directly and credit you and link to your blog and this post. The rest of the posts are here: http://theactualpointproject.com

    • Aspermama says:

      Thank you! I’ve noticed that too, and I’m hoping it spills over into schools and the workplace.

      And that would be great if you could add this to the collection 🙂

      And so sorry for the late reply (things are a bit hectic right now).

  4. Christa says:

    I love this! I tried for so long to be more extroverted, like being an introvert is a flaw . . . but it’s not! It’s ok to be myself!

    • Aspermama says:

      Thanks! I know what you mean, I’m always trying to act more like an extrovert too. Lately I’ve been trying to by myself a bit more, and I definitely feel more comfortable.

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  6. Alana says:

    Yes. I like this one.

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