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Autism Speaks Fear-Mongering FAIL

My apologies for the prolonged absence-still settling in after a wonderful trip to visit with family. And no sooner had I returned to the blogosphere than my mind was blown by this editorial from Autism Speaks.  Not the article itself, … Continue reading

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This is Autism

This post is part of the “This is Autism” flash blog.  Be sure to check out some of the amazing submissions there.  UPDATE:  Looks like I was a bit too late with this one to submit it, which is what … Continue reading

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Autism and Imagination

When we picture a child with autism playing, we picture cars lined up across the room-all except for one, and it’s been turned upside-down so the child can watch the wheels as they spin, over and over again.  And so … Continue reading

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If You’ve Met One Parent With Asperger’s…

Note:  This post in a response to an article entitled “Parents With Asperger Syndrome” by Mark Hutten, which can be found here.   “Many children of Aspergers parents report that they developed severe self-esteem problems because their mother or father could … Continue reading

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Your Life is Worth Living

A 14-year-old girl was the victim of attempted murder. Shocked?  Outraged?  We should be. The girl was severely autistic, didn’t get the support she needed, and suffered from episodes of violence.  Does that change things? It shouldn’t. A 14-year- old girl is a 14-year-old girl.  … Continue reading

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You Gotta Stim When the Spirit Says Stim

Autistic Cook had the excellent idea to create a checklist of the many ways in which both autistic and non-autistic people stim.  Do check it out.  I’ll wait. When I was about five or so, I went to have portraits taken.   … Continue reading

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Why We Need Greater Awareness of ASD in Girls

“She’s just shy.” “She’s a late bloomer.  She’ll grow out of it.” “She’s oversensitive.” In girls, mild autism can be an elusive and hidden thing; it is so easily mistaken for something else.  Lack of social skills becomes shyness.  Sensory issues become sensitivity.  Passionate, intense interests become … Continue reading

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