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AS and Marriage: Managing Conflict

Seeing as how I’m only around 8 years into this marriage business, I’m not even going to pretend I have it all together in this department.  In fact, I’d say I’m still flying by the seat of my pants most of the … Continue reading

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10 Things You Can Totally Say to an Aspie Parent

So there’s this thing going around the internet where people post a list of things that you’re not supposed to say to a a certain person or group of people, like parents of multiples and short people (no, I would … Continue reading

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Autism Speaks Fear-Mongering FAIL

My apologies for the prolonged absence-still settling in after a wonderful trip to visit with family. And no sooner had I returned to the blogosphere than my mind was blown by this editorial from Autism Speaks.  Not the article itself, … Continue reading

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This is Autism

This post is part of the “This is Autism” flash blog.  Be sure to check out some of the amazing submissions there.  UPDATE:  Looks like I was a bit too late with this one to submit it, which is what … Continue reading

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Autism and Imagination

When we picture a child with autism playing, we picture cars lined up across the room-all except for one, and it’s been turned upside-down so the child can watch the wheels as they spin, over and over again.  And so … Continue reading

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I’m Just Going to Nod and Pretend I Heard You

Some people on the spectrum have central auditory processing disorder, or as I like to call it, that moment when your teacher spends ten minutes giving detailed instructions on how to build a snowman out of cotton balls and says, “let’s … Continue reading

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Why I Still Can’t Make Eye Contact

Every time I leave the house and go forth among the masses, I have to remind myself to make eye contact.  If it’s someone I know and the conversation is friendly, I don’t usually have a problem meeting their gaze … Continue reading

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