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A Very Aspie Christmas

My mom did Christmas like nobody’s business.  I’ll never forget staring into those pretty glass ball ornaments under the soft glow of the lights; breathing in the smell of pine; running around with my brother and sister to music; the hushed, quiet church … Continue reading

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10 Things You Can Totally Say to an Aspie Parent

So there’s this thing going around the internet where people post a list of things that you’re not supposed to say to a a certain person or group of people, like parents of multiples and short people (no, I would … Continue reading

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Vaccinate Your Children

Diphtheria was once known as the strangling angel of children.   What started off as a sore throat and cough would worsen until thick, grey membranes choked off the airways, leaving the sufferer gasping and struggling for air.  Those who didn’t suffocate might be seized by paralysis or … Continue reading

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Self-Care for the Aspie Mom

Burnout is a nasty thing.  I can always tell when I’m getting there by my level of overreaction to minor things.  If I feel like a complete failure after seeing a pile of dishes in the sink and it makes me want … Continue reading

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If You’ve Met One Parent With Asperger’s…

Note:  This post in a response to an article entitled “Parents With Asperger Syndrome” by Mark Hutten, which can be found here.   “Many children of Aspergers parents report that they developed severe self-esteem problems because their mother or father could … Continue reading

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I was pretty stoked when Frodo learned to walk.  It was just before summer, and I couldn’t wait to take him outside every day.  I was even looking forward to meeting some other parents (I find meeting new people fun, in theory).  I had visions in … Continue reading

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Life’s Too Short Not to Dawdle

Sometimes, as parents, we get annoyed or impatient with our kids for acting just like us. I’m a notorious dawdler.  I stare up at the sky and watch the clouds, I stop to take in the scent of lilacs every spring, … Continue reading

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