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Conversations With Myself: Speed Limits

Speed limits are one of those many things where most people see a fuzzy guideline and I see a hard-and-fast rule.  Chances are you’ve seen those stretches of road where everyone always does 10 or 20 over the posted speed limit.  … Continue reading

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A Very Aspie Christmas

My mom did Christmas like nobody’s business.  I’ll never forget staring into those pretty glass ball ornaments under the soft glow of the lights; breathing in the smell of pine; running around with my brother and sister to music; the hushed, quiet church … Continue reading

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10 Things You Can Totally Say to an Aspie Parent

So there’s this thing going around the internet where people post a list of things that you’re not supposed to say to a a certain person or group of people, like parents of multiples and short people (no, I would … Continue reading

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Self-Care for the Aspie Mom

Burnout is a nasty thing.  I can always tell when I’m getting there by my level of overreaction to minor things.  If I feel like a complete failure after seeing a pile of dishes in the sink and it makes me want … Continue reading

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Fit In or Do the Right Thing?

There is an unwritten rule, one that I am only now beginning to understand.  We are not expected to live by our convictions, only to believe in them.  Society allows, even expects, a certain degree of hypocrisy.   As long as you … Continue reading

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Shopping is Slow, Boring Torture

I would rather mow a football field with a pair of nose hair clippers than go shopping. Not bookstores and flea markets.  That kind of shopping I could do all day long.  I’m talking clothes-and-shoes shopping. Not too long ago … Continue reading

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I was pretty stoked when Frodo learned to walk.  It was just before summer, and I couldn’t wait to take him outside every day.  I was even looking forward to meeting some other parents (I find meeting new people fun, in theory).  I had visions in … Continue reading

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